What are the Noonies?
The tech industry’s greenest awards. These awards - and the voting software powering this site - are presented by Hacker Noon. In last year’s inaugural Noonies, 55k+ votes were cast.
What is Hacker Noon?
How hackers start their afternoons. We are working to be the best place for technologists to read, write, and publish. Learn more about us and how to publish.
What does "Noonies" mean?
Once an hour every hour, it’s Noon somewhere 🙂 Think Dundies - but for technology. We’re trying to reward unappreciated corners of the internet.
How does voting work?
This year, we are weighting votes to further elevate the voice of our contributing writers and prevent spam. Hacker Noon published writers will have their votes count as 10, authenticated visitors will have their vote count as 3, and unauthenticated visitors will have their vote counts as 1. The reasons for this are 1) the contributing writer, by publishing their words and expertise on Hacker Noon, has earned the right to have their voice count for more when it comes to who in the community deserves a reward, 2) authenticated users have much lower spam rate so their vote should count more, and 3) we want to continue to ensure that anyone can vote. All users can vote once on each award in voting season (Aug 13 - Oct 13).
How do I nominate someone?
Click on any individual award and type the name of your nominee. You also have the options to add a “why” and a URL for more context.
Can I sponsor The Noonies? And/or an Individual Noonie Award?
The headline sponsor (logo on the home page) slot is up for grabs, as is the top banner slot on each of the award pages. Furthermore, each award also has sponsorship opportunities. More details here. You can sponsor any of the available award slots by simply filling out this form. Current sponsors include but are not limited to Radix, Sustany Capital, Grant for the Web, Skillsoft, Beyond Skills, Udacity, andFlipside Crypto.
Are you adding more awards?
Probably not. Hacker Noon staff curated 200+ awards. Looking for the community to double our nominees right now. But if you have a quality award idea with a great sponsor prize, email natasha@hackernoon.com with the subject: NOONIES AWARD IDEA: “Award Title” before voting begins.
How do I submit stories to Hacker Noon?
Glad you asked. Simply create an account and submit a story. Our editors will review it within 4ish days! Learn more about publishing with us here.
Who can I contact about the Noonies?
natasha@hackernoon.com. She is the Hacker Noon Managing Editor leading this project with Fullstack Software Engineer Storm Farrell.
What do the winners get?
Street cred, a sense of making a difference in the world. Winners will also receive a 5 year standard registration for a .tech domain. The 1st and 2nd runner-ups get a standard .tech domains for 3-yr and 1-yr respectively. (example, noonies.tech), courtesy of Radix.
Additionally, if the award has a sponsor, the winner will also receive a t-shirt designed by Hacker Noon’s Kien Dao, and a sponsor prize. For example: this Noonie includes $1k cash from Grant for the Web, this Noonie includes a year’s subscription to an intelligent learning platform crom SkillSoft, and this Noonie includes $3k cash from Radix. Any and all prizes for individual awards are listed on the individual award page.
Can I pay to get nominated?
No, but you can submit your nomination for us to review.
When can I vote?
Voting starts on August 13th and ends on October 12th, 2020. People can vote once per day per award.
How do I build a custom award voting site like this?
We built ours from scratch. If you'd like us to power a site like this on your own domain or subdomain, email partners@hackernoon.com.